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Latest updates

04.06.2018 @ 13:00 - PLANNED

Planned upgrade to webserver for security https:// secure access across all sites hosted as standard. May cause intermittent outages for a short period of time

Latest updates

31.05.2018 @ 11:51

All mailserver upgrades completed. Improved security, features and performance now fully functional

30.05.2018 @ 18:11

Planned maintenance and upgrade to mailserver. The response may be slow and access occasionally denied for up to 12 hours

02.05.2018 @ 23:21

Server software updated and upgraded. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this essential task

02.05.2018 @ 17:18

We are now running essential software upgrades to the server, which may limit the response rates. We appreciate your patience during these important upgrades

Latest updates

02.05.2018 @ 17:17

We are pleased to report all issues have been resolved. We can now continue with the software update, which should not affect your mail service

We appreciate your patience and understanding

02.05.2018 @ 17:11

We sincerely apologise that the work on Mountain Cloud is still ongoing. We are treating this as a priority and are working hard to resume normal service

Further updates with follow

Thank you for your continued patience

02.05.2018 @ 14:48

Our Senior Engineers are still working on Mountain Cloud. Unfortunately there may be a small number of customers who are experiencing some disruption. For this we apologise, and we are trying to keep this to a minimum

Further updates will follow

Thank you for your continued patience

02.05.2018 @ 11:17

We are performing Emergency Maintenance on Mountain Cloud currently. This may cause some disruption to customers servers hosted on this platform, but we aim to keep this to a minimum

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

As soon as the emergency maintenance is complete, we will post an update

Thank you for your patience

Need to get in touch?

If you have a email or server issue, for reliability and speed of response, we recommend SMS or What'sApp! message to 07800 791440

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