About Us

theAndies was the fusion of two established Sales, Marketing and IT gurus Andrew West and Andy Hill

  • Andy Hill has been working in marketing, print and IT since 1990, and Andrew West since 2006 - and we became a limited company in 2019
  • Worked on projects together since 2008 
  • Achieved combined sales success of over £2,000,000 per annum for outside organisations
  • Work on large and small projects from home to enterprise, with marketing budgets from a few hundred pounds to over £100,000
  • Industry-leading websites for the home-improvement segment
We like to do things differently. We take a fresh approach, combining the best of traditional and modern marketing and IT to offer a marketing service that feeds across your customer base

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Who are we?

Andy Hill

Started first IT company in 1995 aged 14, moved in to Sales and Marketing in 1999 and enjoys everything digital, often trialling at least 3-4 of the latest phones at a time!

Andrew West

Avid hardware geek and technical guru, Andrew also loves everything digital, especially mobile technology and problem solving!

Gavin Hill

A gaming fanboy (even though he arrived late on the scene!), Gavin is a dedicated vegan and home grown veg kind of guy, when not at theAndies!

Ella Hill

Keen and successful part time student, part time assistant at theAndies and full time music lover! Ella joined theAndies in 2020, learning new skills and bringing fresh ideas to the team

TheAndies is a sales and marketing company with a difference

We were set up, specialising in the home improvement market, to bring together lead generation, branding, margin retention and the actual sales process - including the people, systems and IT - all under one umbrella

Something not knowingly offered by another company in the UK, at least within our sector

All this at a price point that was not only competitive within the market, but which was paid only on results (sales) not promises which failed to deliver 

To achieve this it was important to switch from a dated massive marketing campaign and hard sell practise to a modern lean tech driven company

We first set about completely rebuilding the company website - along with new sporting more targeted websites - all responsive to the tech people were starting to switch to

We then set about switching out from dated desktop based quotation software to modern web based software that allows our team and ultimately our customers to access our window and door design software from the sofa or anywhere 

Social media has been an important area which enables us to engage with our clients - existing and potential - in a more subtle passive manner raising brand awareness in targeted areas and to selected people profiles 

Finally we then attempted to converge all of this in to a real life experience in the showroom making the digital tech come alive and allow customers to draw windows with the fingers on our iPads and large touchscreens in store 

The next stage happening now is drive by which already initiated has been brought forward by the COVID 19 outbreak, where we can accurately design and price our clients windows and doors without stepping foot inside

Tech and social platforms have played a critical part in the companies success but above all else it is the understanding of bring tech and customer understanding together that makes it work, and ahead of the competition 


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