Andytime Flexitime Application Form

Make your hours work for you. Start late, finish early - fit in that dental appointment or school break without taking up valuable Annual Leave or losing pay

Apply to flex your hours up to a maximum of 2 hours per day, 8 hours per week or up to 16 hours per month

Andytime Flexitime:

Work hours that fit better with you, without taking time off when you don't need to


We must receive a minimum of

  • 1 Weeks Notice

A maximum of 2 hours Andytime Flexitime per day, 8 hours per week, or 16 hours per month

Additional Flexitime hours granted on the sole discretion of the Managing Director

All Flexitime must be booked via the completion of our Andytime Flexitime request form, which will be approved on first come first served basis, and at the discretion of management according to business needs

Flexitime entitlements will not be unreasonably withheld however Management will have to regard the needs of the business before the request is approved


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